Hi! I wanted to ask a question about character design, if that's alright. I'm trying hard to revamp the design of one of my original species, but I'm having a little (read: lot) trouble with it. What sort of things did you look at when designing, say, Yewon? (I adore Yewon, about I don't want to look at many original designs for fear of copying them.)

If you can believe this, Yewon’s come a very very very long way from her creation in November 2008. I wanted an unusual, alien sort of character. Someone quiet, mysterious with slightly unattractive-traits. (eyes always watery, clammy clay-colored skin, bizarre horn like antennae) - These are the first images I made of her 4+ years ago.

She was always a plant, and always between-genders. That much I knew I wanted, but everything else came about through trial and error! She is absolutely %100 different in terms of design and personality now, and that is mostly attributed to my interaction with Katie-w, as Yewon was built from her written experiences with Katies character, Yarrow. Yewon started out as quiet and curious, but then sort of grew into the overtly-friendly, air-head she is now. She grew a lot to sort of balance out Yarrows grumpy nature, because it was simply more fun to play her that way!

Yewon started out as a sort of Star-Wars’y character, a peddler who sold mysterious baubles and trinkets across the galaxy. She is still obsessed with jewelry and pretty things, so that much has remained.

The original first thing I saw that inspired me was a Ball joint Doll that had been customized with a spotted face, bright clear eyes and bizarre winding horns on her head. I wish I had bought her when I saw it for sale! I later bought the same model (not modified) of doll, because that’s where Yewon originated from. So in a way she came full circle! (Minifee Shushu, and soon a Unoa Lusis will be Yewons model as well if you’re into dolls)