So. I’ve been watching the original 1960’s television drama “Dark Shadows”. Now that I’ve seen about a quarter of the episodes (450 out of…1300) I understand the movie a lot better.

I gotta admit, the original Barnabas Collins (rip Jonathan Frid!) was absolutely fantastic and is fun as hell to watch. And he doesn’t even show up until episode 200, sheesh!

I bought the episode set for my mother for her 50th birthday (she was a huge fan of the show as a child) and now I’m pretty damn hooked. I can see what Depp was trying to do with the movie now, and I need to go back and re-watch the new movie because I guess some of the original cast is in it! I really wish more people would watch this kooky, ridiculous show. It’s a hoot. The series is no where near as light hearted or funny as the movie, and in fact is quite creepy at times, if not melodramatic to a fault.